Dynamic Insertion: 5 Ways This Changes The Way We Podcast

Dynamic Audio Insertion by Firstory

A few months back, Firstory launched the first version of the Dynamic Insertion (DAI) tool. In this article, we explain how podcasters can maximize the tool that we believe will shake the podcasting space.

1. Edit and put together podcast episodes

Firstory’s DAI lets you easily add, remove, swap, and insert audio clips into your old and new episodes. If you’re the type of podcaster who records episodes in various audio clips, you can put them all together right on Firstory Studio.

2. Set up audio blocks & CTAs (repeating content)

Every good creator knows the importance of Call-to-Actions (CTAs) in podcast episodes. That includes prompts that encourage listeners to like, subscribe, leave a comment or review, follow your social media, support your Patreon, and so on.

Despite doing it repeatedly, we sometimes forget to say these lines or record this part. It is interesting to find that audio snippet may be the exact same lines (and even audio clip) in every episode. With Firstory, you can store your repeating content (such as CTAs) as an audio block. This way, you can easily drag and drop your CTA into your episode.

3. Keep your audience updated on latest events

Let’s say you’re having a meet-and-greet next month or will be attending Podfest in 3 months; and you want your listeners to know and say hi if they are in the area. You can put this information in ALL your episodes with DAI.

Many new listeners like to start from Episode 1. Through DAI, you can inform your newest listeners, even those that listen to your past episodes, about your upcoming event. This is also useful when you want to keep them posted on changes in social media, if you’re running a campaign, or are looking to spread the word on something.

4. Put up ad spaces

Because you can easily insert, add, and remove audio clips from episodes, the DAI function makes it easy for you to include host-read ads or sponsorship ads in the middle or at the beginning of podcasts.

If your sponsorship agreement is based solely on time and does not have a no-removal clause, you can also remove the ad once the time is up and resell the ad space to other sponsors and advertisers.

5. Monetize your back catalog and archive episodes

As featured in top-tier podcast newsletter, Podnews, our research shows that nearly 50% (half) of all podcast downloads are from the back catalog (archive shows). This means that you can now pitch ALL of your episodes to sponsors and advertisers.

Previously, once an episode is uploaded, it would be hard (or impossible) to add or insert a snippet into these episodes without deleting or affecting your metrics. With DAI, you can now easily sell these options, put in the ads, and remove the ads without reuploading your episode. You also get to keep all the stats and downloads you have accumulated so far!

Read our research here.

DAI 2.0: Continuous Development

We know how powerful Dynamic Audio Insertion (DAI) can be when used right. This isn’t just a simple podcast editing feature that lets you put together podcasts (although it does that too!). This tool lets you leverage your show and gives you more opportunity to market, promote, and monetize your podcast better. This is why Firstory works hard to continuously develop this tool, to make your podcasting experience so much better. Join us to make an impact through podcasts.