Create a Private Podcast Episode for your Internal Audience and Community with FLink

“Can I share unpublished or private podcast episodes and use them as exclusive content?” YES. FLink lets you share drafts, unreleased, and scheduled shows. If you haven’t heard of FLink, check out this article. (Seriously worth the read!)

People used to utilize cloud services, private shared accounts, or private RSS to attain this goal; however, they can be troublesome to manage and maintain in the long term. This is why Firstory designed a link-sharing tool and embeddable player for you to easily do this right from Firstory Studio!

private podcast episode sharing through Firstory FLink

What are private podcasts for? Why would I need them?

As podcasters grow their shows, podcasting becomes serious business. These are just some common reasons why you would need to share unpublished episodes:

  1. Gather pre-release feedback from your production team.
  2. Provide your community fanbase with exclusive or early content.
  3. Treat your contributing subscribers, supporters, or other partners with early-listening or premium content privileges.
  4. Provide advertisers with exclusive access to your unreleased shows for ad optimization.
  5. Create limited access podcasts (e.g. corporate training, company messages, etc.) for your organization’s internal audiences.

Regardless of your cause and motives, Firstory is here to meet your needs with FLink and embeddable player options. Watch this short video to better understand how it works:

Simply share the private show link to your chosen audience, and link holders will be able to listen to your private podcast on Firstory’s player. You can also embed the player onto your private blog or community forum!

Future developments for this tool that you can look forward to include design customization and Integration with Firstory’s messaging and comments function to facilitate feedback collection from your partners and your special fanbase.

At Firstory, we work hard to make simple, convenient podcasting solutions available to EVERY podcaster.

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