Changing Podcast Hosting Platforms: Make the right podcasting decision (2023)

choosing to change a podcast hosting platform

When should I change podcast hosting sites?

As a podcast hosting platform, we have seen a lot of users who choose to move to and away from Firstory. Some reasons for switching are valid, reasonable motivations, while others have raised our eyebrows. So, when should you change podcast hosting sites

Consider changing platforms if:

  •  You need more data & analytic tools that your current platform does not provide
  • Your current pricing plan isn’t working for you anymore
  • Your podcast has overgrown your plan’s downloads/ bandwidth limits
  • You need some functions & features that are exclusive to other podcast hostings
  • Your current platform is involved in unacceptable practices (e.g. Ownership issues)

Consider NOT changing platforms if:

  • You’ve encountered a small/ minor bug (you can always let the developers know!)
  • You think your platform will perform better by switching to a bigger brand (the BRAND of your podcast hosting platform isn’t going to magically boost your podcast downloads)
  • You’re unsure or don’t know how to use your current platform (try checking the Help Center & tutorials first)
  • You just feel like it (open another account instead of you’re just simply curious)

You really have to think and consider all the pros and cons in play before switching podcast hosting platforms. There are cost, benefits, wins, and loses involved, and we’ll talk about the main concerns below, after we take a close look at what actually happens when you change podcast hosting services.

The basics behind switch podcast hosting platforms

What actually happens when you switch podcast hosting platforms? This can be hard for people to digest, so we’re here to explain this in simple terms for everyone to easily understand.

The process of switching podcast hosting platforms is called a 301 Redirection. During this process, you usually submit your current podcast RSS to your new podcast hosting platform, get a new RSS, and paste this new RSS to your old podcast hosting platform. 

After this step, your podcast contents (audio files, podcast description, episode description, etc.) gets transferred from your old RSS to your new RSS. In a way, it’s similar to changing your home address and moving the furniture from your old house to your new home.

During this process, podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc. are also notified of this change, so that future changes made on your podcast will reflect based on your new RSS. It’s the same thing as letting your credit card provider, government, etc. know that you’ve changed your home address.

Will I lose podcast listeners and subscribers when I move to another podcast hosting platform?

Simple answer: No.

When you move to another podcast hosting platform, your listeners and subscribers on Spotify, Apple, etc. shouldn’t feel any difference. In fact, they wouldn’t know that you have switched to another podcast hosting site, unless they’ve been looking closely into the core of your podcast.

You’re not supposed to lose any episodes and podcast information during redirection, since you’re only changing things from YOUR end: The creator’s point of view.

Will I lose my data history and milestones when I change podcast hosting sites?

Simple answer: Yes, but we there are ways to save them.

Your RSS does not contain the podcast data & analytics that you see from your podcast hosting provider. So when you switch from one hosting platform to another, your data on top episodes, audience listening times, listener geodemographics, etc. are unlikely to be transferred over via RSS, WITH exceptions to some cases.

If your new podcast hosting provider gets your audience demographics straight from Spotify for Podcasters, and you’ve had that set up properly, you should be able to see this data on your new hosting.

You can also keep your downloads data and milestones by importing them (CSV) or through manual input if you’re migrating your podcast over to Firstory. We do not cross-check the data you import, and we trust podcasters to input honest downloads data stats to reflect the true and actual state of their podcasts.

For the step-by-step tutorial on how to transfer your downloads data to Firstory after making the switch, please refer to this 👉 article.

I want to change my podcast hosting platform

Are you sure about switching out of your current podcast hosting provider?

Read the complete rundown of our Top 10 podcast hosting platforms 👉 here, before making the switch. We want you to make a well-informed decision for your podcast.

Choose a new podcast hosting provider based on:

  • Downloads, storage, and bandwidth limitations
  • Pricing plans and packages
  • User interface (UI): Ease-of-use
  • Data & analytics tools
  • Exclusive perks and features. Platform strengths
  • Tech support & other services

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