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Earning $15000 Podcast Money Every Month: A Podcast Success Story

Stock Sea Surfer podcast lives the dream earning $15000 USD recurring revenue every month in just 9 months. We dissect and summarize his podcast success story in turning downloads to podcast money.

Networking to 40K Listeners: A Podcast Success Story

We asked Joe how he grew his podcast to 40,000 listeners in less than 2 years. His response was: Active networking and podcast collaboration, plus other success factors

How to Choose a Podcast Promotion Strategy: 7 Tips

Just like any other project, you'll need a game plan when managing your podcast. Here are 7 tips and tricks to choose the right podcast promotion strategy for your podcast!

14 Podcast Marketing and Promotion Tips That Work (2022)

There are a bunch of free, organic, and paid strategies to reach and gain more podcast listeners. That starts with podcast marketing and podcast promotion.

Start a Podcast Membership in 2022: Earn Recurring Revenue

Running your own podcast membership can be useful for monetizing exclusive content and generating recurring revenue. This stable income can turn your podcast into a full-time business!

1 Out of 3 Podcasters Stuck with Podcast PROMOTION!! (2022 Survey)

From our podcast survey of 148 respondents, we found that 1 out of 3 podcasters (37%) are stuck with podcast promotion, making it the top podcaster pain point.

How Important are Podcast Promotion Strategies in 2022?

Picking out the right podcast promotion tools and strategies can have a HUGE impact on your podcast downloads and audience growth. Don't miss out on these opportunities!

How to Make Money from Podcasts in 2023? (Realistic Guide)

Realistically speaking, how can beginner podcasters make money from podcasts? What are the different ways to earn from content creation and become a professional podcaster?

How to Get Your Podcast on Spotify 2022 (Free & Easy)

It's seriously easy to get your podcast on Spotify. You don't need to be a famous person to get your voice on the world's largest on demand audio streaming service.

Start a Podcast in 2022: FREE Starter Kit & Best Tips

Every beginner's starter kit for the easiest (& free) way to get the best podcasting tips, advice, software, and equipment to start a podcast. Zero Investment method.

How to Change Your Podcast Cover Art & How Frequent is OK?

Want to change your podcast cover art from the bad design you made when you first started out? We've been there, and we know how to fix it. The good news is that changing your podcast cover art is easy!

10 Best Podcast Hosting Sites to Use in 2022 (Must Read)

A fair and objective hosting review to help you choose the best podcast hosting site to match your podcasting goals and needs. We cover the best features, storage, bandwidth, prices, and other important stuff.

5 Steps to Design an Awesome Podcast Cover Art

Podcast cover art is an essential element for any podcaster. It can be the first impression that someone has of your podcast. Knowing how to design a compelling cover art for your podcast can lead to increased downloads and, in turn, more listeners.

Growing My Podcast Downloads by 6 Times in Just 1 Month (Updated 2022)

"Hey! I am Here" explains how their podcast downloads grew in JUST 1 MONTH by using FLink to drive audience PRECISION and freeing up time to shift their focus on key podcast success drivers.

Best Podcast Software and Equipment Reviews in 2022

Recording a podcast episode can be tricky without the right tools. In this article, we'll go through the best podcast software and equipment of 2022 for recording and post-production.

2021 Year End Podcast Industry Report: Stats and Facts for Podcasters

Podcast industry report for 2021. Total monthly downloads, monthly earnings, popular categories, top podcasts, and other stats and facts for podcasters.

Dynamic Insertion: Make Money from Old Podcast Episodes in 2022

Our research shows that 48.4% of downloads come from older past episodes. Dynamic Insertion can help creators maximize and make money from old podcast episodes.

Podcast Cover Art and Logo: The Ultimate Guide (with samples!)

The best podcast cover art software, designers, tips, and samples guide. Make your cover POP using color and font psychology used by the best marketing experts