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Firstory takes home the gong at DMA – Innovative MarTech Award 2022

Art Block & 10 Ways to Come up with Great Podcast Ideas

Podcast art block can be a big problem for your upload schedule. Generating good podcast ideas is not always easy, but there are ways to ease your mind into overcoming creative block.

Best Monetization Platform for Podcasts 2023: Firstory VS Patreon VS KoFi

Monetization platforms Patreon, KoFi, Buy Me a Coffee, Firstory, and Supporting Casts are put side by side to find the best alternative for podcast monetization

5 Ways to Monetize a Podcast Outside the US (2023)

Most advertised podcast monetization solutions are often exclusive to US-only. We offer ways to monetize a podcast for podcasters based in Asia and other growing podcast regions.

Life at Firstory: Working in Podcasting under Business Development

I get to witness podcasters' growth, and I think that's the best part about working in podcasting. I love learning about our users and providing podcasting solutions that make a difference.

How to Write Good Podcast Descriptions? Convert Scrollers to Listeners

Convert scrollers into listeners by writing good podcast descriptions and clear CTA. Leverage your podcast summary with free samples, templates, tips, and tricks!

All In One Platform (2023): One Stop Podcast Hosting for All

Whether it's podcast hosting, production, promotion, audience engagement, ad revenue, or monetization, Firstory's all in one solution is the best choice for all

5 Ways to Repurpose and Grow Your Podcast

Repurposing your podcast is a smart, effective way maximizing your benefits. By using one content in multiple channels, you can exponentially grow your podcast

Easy $880 Passive Income: Podcast Ad Revenue Using Dynamic Ad Insertion

Firstory's DAI passes tests and proves to be an effective tool for generating ad revenue. In fact, Dynamic Ad Insertion accounts for 84% of podcast ad revenue growth in 2021.

How to Get My Podcast to China & Reach a Wider Audience

Getting your English podcast to China is easy through Chinese podcast hosting platforms Ximalaya, Lizhi, Qingting, etc; and here are the few things to know beforehand.

Changing Podcast Hosting Platforms: Make the right podcasting decision (2023)

Move to another podcast hosting platform when the pricing no longer makes sense or when important tools are not available. Know how redirection works & make the right decision!

Boosting Podcast Community Engagement in 2023: Exclusive Content

Users who have successfully built a strong podcast community from scratch were able to bond with listeners and successfully make stable podcast income from their podcast businesses

Road to 10000 Podcasts: How We Grew Our Family in the Last 2 Years

For the past 2 years, Firstory has grown together with amazing podcast creators who chose to trust our service. Celebrating 10000 podcasts worldwide, we are committed to continue developing tools and services for you.

2022 Podcast Sponsorship Trends: Getting Listener Support

Listener support increased by 714% from 2020 to 2021. From a sample of 1,000 podcasters, 2% earned over $3500 every month. From here, we predict 2022 podcast sponsorship trends.

Sex & Letters Podcast Business Strategy: Success Story

Empowering women and uncovering the mysteries of sex in a patriarchal society, Sex & Letters podcast was able to successfully make money from the podcast business

Dynamic Insertion: 5 Ways This Changes The Way We Podcast

Firstory launched the Dynamic Audio Insertion (DAI) that will shake the podcasting space. Here, we show how podcasters can maximize this tool to make an impact.

Getting Sponsorship from Listeners: A Podcast Success Story

Kept afloat thanks to podcast sponsorship and donations from listeners, Unlock the Earth podcast is run together by the hosts and its audience. We take a look at how they converted listeners into podcast partners.